Slut Bengali Traditional Wear

I do have fantasy about x2, and she also fantasize about that, actually she was spending most time with me, so I was telling her different kinds fantasy,

She does have some sexy sari photo at my room, she use the sexy blouse, it's reviled most of her back, I did like the photos, but I loss it, I told her I will buy her saree, and blouse, and do photoshoot and sex in saree, she did agreed

She Was excited about the fantasy and she used to tell me when I should buy this Share for her, I do have fantasy like full day she should wear saree and It's like light that can visible her boobs, she do have big Brest, I used to tell promote her not to wear bra, and don't cover it in front me, so I can see her nipples and mostly I can see her hard nipples pop up over light orange color t shirt , so at sare I wants she have visible nipples, navel and bare back

My fantasy was she should present her like traditional bengali Hindu girls to me, with some kind shy but it will can easily view her slut looks and I should ask her do sex she even shy but once I hold her and try to undress her she not look at me and just follow up


But my fantasy was just to test her mind not to apply it physically, this reason she find me a lier or not keep promise, but if a am mature enough at that time then definitely I do enjoy the relationship,